Shobiz514: The artist who shines on the Montreal Hip-Hop scene

March 14, 2024 by
Dany Tétreault/Fondateur


In Montreal, rappers from the East, such as Monmon, L'Assemblée, Mista Snake, Chub-E, Ruffneck, Cheak 13, and many others, are often mentioned.

The Montreal music scene is a real talent pool, where new artists emerge while maintaining a solid presence of established artists, who benefit from a loyal fan base for their concerts.

Although Quebec is predominantly francophone, the anglophone scene in Montreal is often unknown. It is regrettable that these artists are often put forward only when they open for more famous artists at major events, such as the next concert of the artist Shobiz514 on the same stage as Choclair on March 18 in our beautiful province.


Who is Shobiz514?

Shobiz514, born March 31, 1990 in NDG, Montreal, had a tumultuous childhood marked by parental struggles against addiction. After a brief period with his parents, he entered the foster system, enduring physical abuse and making round trips between homes. At the age of 4, he found stability in Châteauguay but then reunited with his father, moving to Ontario before returning to Montreal at 9. Abandoned with his drug-addicted mother, he endured various forms of abuse while caring for his younger siblings, facing poverty and relying on food banks.

Among these challenges, Shobiz514 developed a passion for Hip-Hop in NDG’s South district, under the railway tracks, where he refined his abrasive flow and began writing about his experiences. He kept his verses private until the age of 28 when he met a sound engineer, triggering his journey into serious music production.

Infused with East Coast influence and inspired by artists like Tupac, 50 Cent, Papoose, The Lox and others, Shobiz514’s style is a unique blend of storytelling, captivating delivery and punchlines.

His experience on stage!

In 2021, he began performing, securing reservations and opening for notable names like Jeru tha Damaja, Onyx, and even Dave East in 2023 at Club Soda and in various locations.

Shobiz514’s unique style, echoing the greats of the East Coast, takes listeners through the streets of Montreal, where resilience meets rhythm and its human reality.

During his artistic career, Shobiz514 has accumulated a total of more than 250,000 streams of his music. This vast audience reflects the growing appeal of his work and his ability to reach a wide audience through his compositions. Similarly, her videos have garnered over 100,000 views, reflecting her fans' engagement on online video platforms, where her content is regularly viewed and shared.

He may not be the best known or the best, but Shobiz514 is an artist who truly embodies his passion and succeeds where many other Montreal artists have failed: opening for the pioneers of Hip-Hop culture.

In addition to its online presence, Shobiz514 has also impressed its fans with more than 50 live performances, which attests not only to its talent on stage, but also to its recognition by event promoters in Montreal. Otherwise, he would not have had the opportunity to perform in such prestigious events.

Shobiz514 invites you to attend its performance on 18 March next during the passage of Choclair.

Here are some videos from Shobiz514:

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Dany Tétreault/Fondateur March 14, 2024