The David Copperfield of rap: Fusion between Rap and Magic, the result is heavy

May 27, 2024 by
Dany Tétreault/Fondateur

France - May 26, 2024 - In a video that went viral on Facebook, this magician-actor not only dazzled his audience with breathtaking magic tricks, but he also revealed an unsuspected talent for freestyle rap.

Skillfully mixing magic and rap, Kader Bueno has managed to create a unique show, defying conventions and blurring the boundaries between disciplines. His multidimensional talent testifies to the constant evolution of rap, which is constantly infiltrating new creative territories.

A Freestyle Out of the Ordinary

His improvised freestyle on stage shows ease and flow worthy of the biggest names in the genre. His striking rhymes and ingenious puns left me speechless in front of such a surprising and unexpected talent.

Dany Tétreault/Fondateur May 27, 2024