The duo LESS invites you to discover their title "Chaque fois".

February 17, 2024 by
Dany Tétreault/Fondateur

Less, a rap duo formed by brothers Julien and Arnaud Senécal, aspires to establish itself on the Quebec music scene while remaining faithful to themselves.

Their musical style stands out for its originality and freshness in the Quebec rap landscape, but it is on stage that they shine particularly.

Their latest track, "Chaque fois", is a fusion of dance pop sounds. Directed by Anthony Zappavigna, the composition highlights dynamic drum rhythms and reggae cymbals, bringing an innovative touch to their music.

The words express the joy of the two brothers to make music together, their good health and positivism. Despite the contradiction in the chorus, the song is an incentive to persevere, a constant reminder of the importance of moving forward despite obstacles. It’s a story of determination and hope for the duo.

"Chaque fois", mixed and mastered by Alexandre Garant, is now available on all digital platforms independently. The title is also broadcast on SiriusXM’s Influence Franco since February 11. In addition, Less will have the honor of performing in the opening part of Die-On at the Palace de Granby on March 23.

About Less, the duo formed by brothers Julien and Arnaud Senécal seeks to make their way into the Quebec music scene while maintaining their authenticity. Their music stands out for its originality and innovative character in the Quebec rap landscape, but it is on stage that they fully reveal themselves. Their unique energy and fraternal complicity recall the French duo Bigflo and Oli.

Their primary objective during their performances is to offer a memorable and festive show. In June 2021, Sene released his first album "Dans ma tête", followed by a second album entitled "Dans mon cœur" in May 2022. Over the past year, they had the opportunity to close the National Day show in Granby and open for Jay Scott and Fouki at the Festival Soif de musique. They also opened the 20Some and Loud concert in October, and gave a concert for the beginning of the session at Université Laval in January. In January 2023, the two brothers formed Less and released their first song entitled "Ma Lane".

In September 2023, they were awarded a scholarship from the Pathway to Excellence in Art Program awarded by the City of Granby. Listen to the new radio clip about perseverance and brotherhood entitled "Chaque fois". 

Source of informations : Bohemaa Communication

Dany Tétreault/Fondateur February 17, 2024