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June 11, 2024 by
Dany Tétreault/Fondateur


The story behind VRIX began in 2019 when Marc-Evans Jeannot (who cummed more than a dozen years at Universal Music Canada) in association with DJ Randy Jaymz have decided to highlight the various artistic talents that the East of Montreal includes while offering the inhabitants of the sector, accessibility to unique and entertaining events without having to leave their territory

To ensure the success of this project, they collaborated with various experts in communication, data analysis and project management. After several years of preparation, they launched their pilot project in 2022 to assess its feasibility and the interest of the public and potential customers. 

VRIX (Interactive Experiential Rhythmic Vehicle) is a non-profit organization that develops and promotes the artistic talents of East Montreal, through the production of musical events including the provision of affordable event facilities and the creation of artistic, educational, sports, social and cultural programming that benefits a wide audience. ​



Almost two years after the launch of VRIX, the project now unveils VRIX R&B, a touring podcast that explores the R&B music scene both locally and internationally. This new project brings together a multitude of creators and enthusiasts who have left their mark in this field, such as DJs, event organizers, producers and key influencers, not only in Montreal, Quebec and Canada, but also on a global scale!

Aboard the van VRIX, they will criss-cross every street of this vast musical universe to highlight the talents of this stage, experience memorable encounters and reveal revelations about how certain neighborhoods of their youth influenced their relationship with music. Exclusivities not to be missed. Make yourself comfortable, it’s time to discover VRIX R&B!  



The first episode hosted by Carmina Vanessa will be broadcast on June 25 on VRIX’s Youtube channel and will be published every two weeks on Tuesday, alternating with the audio podcast hosted by Véda, a well-known animator and singer of the urban scene. In collaboration with HITstory and with the help of Angelo Cadet as a consultant, the first video episodes will welcome influential guests from the R&B scene such as Barnev, Sandy Duperval (BLK PRL), Lukay and several others.

Source of informations : Bohemaa Communication

Dany Tétreault/Fondateur June 11, 2024