Waahli, the artist forgotten by ADISQ, celebrated on the National Day

June 8, 2024 by
Dany Tétreault/Fondateur

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Last February, a controversy broke out after the publication of the ADISQ announcing the Quebec nominees for the Junos without mentioning the Quebec rapper Waahli, yet named. I had then sharply denounced this lack of recognition towards the Quebec artist of Haitian origin.

Here is the publication of the Adisq in question.

'L'Adisq would like to congratulate all the Quebec artists named to the The JUNO AWARDS !''

My answer was scathing:

''For YOUR INFORMATION --- Why isn’t Waalhi here, is it because of his skin color????? In Quebec = white so we don’t highlight minority communities....Because his album is anglophone?? And besides, he makes francophone music? But, it’s rap, it’s a black fak people don’t care....?? COME ON GUYS ....... The story of the month of blacks MAKES SENSE. The debate you should have it internally'

The hypocrisy of the industry

In total hypocrisy, a few days later, ADISQ proudly shared a publication highlighting Black History Month:

Rapolitik mentioned the controversy in Waahli during an interview:

But it is now time for the celebration for Waahli.

Indeed, the rapper has just announced an excellent news: he will be one of the artists to perform on the Quebec National Day stage on June 23 on the Plains of Abraham.

In a publication acclaimed by his fans, Waahli is delighted with this premiere for him and invites the public to attend this unmissable event. A great recognition for the artist, who will become the only representative of Quebec Hip-Hop culture on this iconic stage in 2024. 

If the episode with ADISQ aroused the indignation of the black community of Quebec, Waahli proves today that his talent does not need an award to be highlighted. A lesson of humility for the authorities who had neglected him... and who should take notes!

 Photo : Waahli Yussef (facebook)






Dany Tétreault/Fondateur June 8, 2024