Jodo Kast, King Shadrock and El Chapin announce the release of RISE UP

June 2, 2024 by
Dany Tétreault/Fondateur

Montreal, May 30, 2024 - Twenty-two years ago, the Uni-T group formed by M.C. Azazel, Jodo Kast and Loki released their first album “Prêt aux changements”, which helped keep hip-hop culture alive in Montreal’s Hochelaga neighbourhood in the early 2000s.



First, a name to remember and today, Jodo Kast, one of the artists of the group Uni-T became manager at the head of the company Alien stars music group invite you to add "RISE UP" to your playlists. This track brings together the talents of King Shadrock, the trilingual Guatemalan rapper El Chapin, and Jodo Kast himself. The composition was made by the producer Klonn Charbonneau, the guitar was produced by Alex Tp and the whole was recorded, mixed and mastered by C-200 Studio.

The music video of "RISE UP" will make react to the expectations of the artists. 

With this new release, Jodo Kast, King Shadrock and El Chapin promise to revive the spirit of Montreal Hip-Hop of the 2000s, while bringing a modern and trilingual touch to their music. Rap fans are invited to discover "RISE UP" now.


The title will be available on June 14, you can pre-register “RISE UP

Dany Tétreault/Fondateur June 2, 2024